Welcome to Cornerstone Theatre Company, a ministry of Many but One. 

The objective for the Theatre Arts courses at Many but ONE is to make students effective communicators who can bring to life relatable stories of creation, the fall and redemption, both onstage and in personal interactions. Instruction will focus on how to glorify God with their body, voice and imagination. Students will be able to recognize and empathize with humanity, ultimately using their communication skills to minister to others and to defend their faith.

Classes are available for elementary, middle school and high school students. Check the schedule for the day and time of each class. Training focuses on acting and music techniques, history and lots of theatrical fun. These classes equip students for various in-house and main-stage productions.


Have questions? We have the answers!

Will my child be part of a theatrical production?

Students will have the opportunity to audition for a role in a production. All those who wish to participate will be given a position either in the cast or the crew.

What does it cost and commitment for students?

There are monthly fees for our classes as well as an additional performance fee. After the performance, classes will continue throughout the month of May. Students are expected to enroll for the entire school year – August through May.

What’s involved in a theatrical production?

The title of these productions will be announced with a very clear and specific rehearsal schedule. Classes will then become Production Classes and will be longer with additional Saturday rehearsals.

Can younger students be involved in Cornerstone Theatre?

Elementary students will continue their regular scheduled class time and will either participate in the main stage production with a limited role or will have a production of their own. Some main stage productions may be appropriately challenging for older students, but not a good fit for those who are younger. Those decisions will be made and communicated each fall giving families time to prepare. 

Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Theatre Company. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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